designs by jaynedahmer

Designs by jaynedahmer
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made by jaynedahmer

Welcome to Violet Skies,a graphics community by jaynedahmer! :)
The kind of graphics I make mostly are icons,banners,blinkies.
I've started working with tubes also. :)
If you're interested in cute pixels,animals,horror
then you'll feel right at home here.
Offers are a mixed bag ~ I try to make one of a kind icons.
I'm not an expert when it comes to blinkies,but I enjoy making them.
Offers will be unlimited. I will try creating something at least once a week.
I've been making graphics for about 10 years now.
The programs I work with are Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 & Animation Shop 3.
I enjoy creating and love pixels! ♥

Violet Skies layout coding by snubbly.
Layout header,default icon & profile graphics made by jaynedahmer.

Paid Memberships/Tubes

Pocket Full of Pixels



by thalassa_ipx


Peachie's Collection

Layouts, brushes, textures, tutorials, etc.

Beautiful Sin

Free Brushes


Absolute Trouble


♥ I sometimes use blinkie boxes by subvocaled @
by subvocaled

from subvocaled @ pearlseas

made by jaynedahmer

made by jaynedahmer made by jaynedahmer